Protecting your workforce from risks is an essential aspect of running healthcare companies in Virginia. That’s why you need workers compensation insurance that provides the right amount of cover at the right time. MPL Risk provides multiple levels of cover and can help ensure your needs are met.

MPL Risk is a team of highly experienced insurance brokers with decades of combined experience working with the healthcare industry. We provide strong coverage at premiums you can afford, helping protect your business, your employees, and your budget. We work with all types of healthcare companies, from home care providers to physician-led facilities.

Benefits of Having Workers’ Compensation in Virginia

Covers Missed Wages:

If a member of staff misses shifts due to work-related illness or injury, workers compensation insurance covers those missed wages. This removes financial stress, helping them focus on taking the time they need to recover.

Remain Compliant:

In the vast majority of states and circumstances, you must provide some form of workers comp. This includes Virginia. Talk to us about comprehensive workers compensation insurance that helps you stand out from the crowd.

Covers Medical Costs:

If a team member is injured in a road traffic accident while on the way to see a patient, they may need physical therapy or other treatments. Workers comp should cover this and ensure they get the care they need. As well as easing their suffering and helping them recover, this gets them back to work quicker, helping ensure business continuity.

When your employees work with a patient, they’re always at risk. Accidents happen, and having the right workers compensation insurance in place helps ensure your team members are protected. This gives them the peace of mind to throw their all into their work, empowering them to be more productive and improve the service your business provides to its patients. Safe and protected employees help provide better patient outcomes for healthcare companies.

Just like medical malpractice insurance in Virginia, workers’ compensation insurance is about more than just the protection of your team members. When your business is open about the ability to protect employees, it boosts your reputation across your industry niche. Patients may be more likely to choose you as their home care specialists, for example. You’ll also attract top talent, creating a team of highly qualified, committed healthcare specialists, nurses, carers, or physicians.

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For a workers compensation policy for your Virginia healthcare business, MPL Risk is the right choice. Our workers’ compensation insurance products for healthcare companies can include the following features:

  • Guaranteed cost or low deductible options
  • Insurance from regional and national carriers
  • Safety committee credits, risk management credits, and drug-free workplace credits
  • Pay-as-you-go flexible premium options

Contact a member of our experienced team to find out more. Call us at (267) 888-4790 or go online to get a free quote. Our team just needs to know what type of healthcare industry business you run and a description of your operations, plus any other insurance products you may already have in place. We’ll talk you through our claims process and any other information you need to know. It’s that simple to get started and invest in the peace of mind that comes from comprehensive workers’ compensation insurance in Maryland and Virginia.