Workers Compensation insurance pays for employees on the job injuries. This is a compulsory insurance coverage in just about all states and required for any employer with as little as one W2 employee. It provides coverage for lost wages, medical bills, and any legal fees. It also provides protection to the employer for lawsuits brought by employees for wrongful injury claims, this coverage part is called Employer’s Liability. In many industries, Workers Compensation insurance is the most expensive insurance policy they maintain.

Claim Examples

Employee is driving between clients and gets into a car accident requiring surgery and ongoing physical therapy. Workers Comp will cover the medical expenses and will pay for the person’s lost wages for time missed from work.

An employee is working with an individual with intellectual disabilities. An event triggers the patient to become combative, and the patient bites down on the employee’s finger. As a result, the employee has significant nerve damage with partial loss of use. The employee is paid for medical expenses, indemnity cost for lost wages, but also receives a payout for partial loss of use of finger.

Coverage Features

  • Pay As You Go flexible options
  • Guaranteed Cost or Low Deductible Options for Credits
  • Safety Committee Credits, Drug Free Workplace Credits, Risk Management Credits, and more where available
  • Regional and National carriers available
  • High Experience Mod acceptable
  • Many carriers offering free loss control services, either online or in-person
  • And much more!

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