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What Role Does Your Business Insurance Broker Play?

In a previous blog, we discussed why it could sometimes be to your detriment in utilizing multiple commercial insurance agents.  By working with two different agents simultaneously, there could be redundant coverages or potentially gaps in your insurance program, as one broker wouldn’t know what the other is or isn’t offering.  If your existing agent isn’t capable of fully insuring you for PL/GL, Workers Comp, Auto, EPLI, Cyber, etc. then you may be working with the wrong insurance agent in the first place.


You want to work with someone who is knowledgeable in your industry, they should know the carriers well, along with the carriers’ underwriting appetites and capabilities.  The agent should want to understand your business a bit to determine what exposures could arise in the future – new locations, new product/service offerings, business consolidation, etc.  Brokers play a role in explaining your operation to the underwriters, so you’d want to work with someone capable of putting your business in the best light.


It’s one thing finding insurance when the market is soft and when you have no claims.  However, in the event of a claim or post claim, you want to work with an agent that can be in your corner and come up with creative solutions of finding solid, affordable insurance coverage for your Workers Comp or Professional Liability Insurance when you may be faced with a rate increase or a non-renewal.  Our agency has dozens of carriers to choose from, those who write start ups, large enterprises, businesses with no claims, or many claims.


Once you put your insurance policy in place, is it difficult to get a hold of your agent?  We’re always accessible.  Whether its your Account Manager, or one of our other helpful insurance agents, we’re always there to help.  Sometimes billing or claim questions, can’t wait.  What happens if you pick up a large contract, only to find out your insurance coverage or limits don’t meet the necessary requirements?  You need an agent in the corner that can help expedite requests to make sure you can operate your business without delays.