Property Insurance is one of the most common types of insurance coverages. Big or small, business property is a vital component to your business. We typically think of bigger items such as building property loss, but often it’s smaller items such as files, equipment and computers that are most important to your business. Before applying for coverage, take inventory of all your business equipment to determine how much coverage you need. This will ensure you are adequately covered and allow you to control your insurance costs.

Most common losses are fire, wind, water, burglary, theft and vandalisms. Floods are not typically covered under your main policy but can be purchased separately. Check with your county to see if your property falls within a flood zone.

Business Interruption coverage is also an important coverage part, in the event the building suffers a significant loss, you still need to pay for ongoing expenses, and this coverage part can provide protection for such events and allow for business continuity.

Claim Examples

A pipe bursts and floods an office space. As a result, the floors, training equipment, and furniture are damaged. The commercial property coverage will replace the damaged property at replacement cost.

A severe storm passes through the area and a tree falls onto the roof, damaging a portion of the roof and shingles. This damage is covered under the commercial property policy.

Coverage Features

  • Replacement cost
  • Scalable coverage to fit your business’s needs
  • Flexible Deductible options
  • Extended Coverage to additional structures
  • And much more!

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