Professional Liability Insurance For Healthcare Industries

At MPL Risk, healthcare insurance is what we do. Our extensive national network of first-class carriers allows us to offer personalized coverage to fit every unique healthcare business and professional. No matter what you need, we have you covered.

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At MPL Risk, we pride ourselves on our ability to offer excellent commercial insurance coverage at affordable rates. We take a different approach to medical malpractice insurance, professional liability insurance for a home health care agency, home care workers comp, and more, offering quick quotes, and exceptional service. As an independent broker, we become a trusted advisor throughout the process, always striving to know your business and operations on a deeper level, and always represent our clients first.
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We understand the needs of a busy professional running a business while protecting it at the same time. We specialize in healthcare and only healthcare, so our team of specialists knows the PA medical insurance industry better than anyone. As medical malpractice and liability risk specialists,we understand the challenges of finding the right coverage. Our team will find personalized plans for medical malpractice insurance, workers comp insurance, general liability insurance, insurance for home health agencies, home health workers compensation insurance, and more to ensure you are covered.
Professional Liability Insurance For Healthcare Industries
Our approach is different. We work closely with you to understand the challenges facing your business through a highly interactive process to create customized and affordable solutions that you can count on. With dozens of carrier relationships in PA, NJ, and across the country, we can offer an extensive selection of the very best products and services for your personal and professional insurance needs.

What Kind Of Insurance Policy Can We Find For You?

Professional Liability Insurance For Healthcare & Commercial Industries

There are three parties involved in a surety bond: the principal, the obligee, and the surety. The principal purchases the surety bond to guarantee quality and completion of contracted work. The obligee is the entity who requires the principal to purchase the bond. The surety is the entity that issues the bond and financially guarantees the principal’s ability to complete the contracted work.

Property Insurance is one of the most common types of insurance coverages. Big or small, business property is a vital component to your business. We typically think of bigger items such as property, but often it’s smaller item such as files, equipment and computers that are most important to your business.

Commercial Auto insurance covers a combination of vehicle – cars, trucks, vans, etc. Coverage provides bodily injury liability and property damage. Hired & Non Owned Auto symbols are often added to Commercial Auto insurance policies, as often times, employees of the company are using their own vehicles on company time.

It was once believed that only large corporations required Cyber Liability – companies such as Mastercard, Target, big Health Systems. That is proven to be no longer the case. As more documents are stored digitally, personal information such as credit card numbers, social security numbers, or private health information can be stored on your personal devices.

Employment Practices Liability Insurance (EPLI) covers claims of employees who feel their legal rights have been violated in the course of employment. Companies, big and small, can be exposed to EPLI type claims. Claims can include sexual harassment, discrimination, wrongful termination claims, and much more.

This type of insurance is probably one of the most important coverages you can have to protect your business. An umbrella policy will make up for gaps or coverage limitations on existing polices. An umbrella covers any extraordinary losses that exceed the limit on an underlying policy (GL/PL, Commercial Auto, Employers Liability, and more).

This type of insurance is also know as General Liability (GL) and protects you and your business from third party claims stemming mainly from Property Damage or Bodily Injuries. The GL policy also provides protection for Products Liability claims and for Advertising Liability claims. Most of these policies have specific exclusions for employment related claims or for professional liability claims, as both of these areas are better covered under other types of insurance policies.

This type of insurance protects physicians, the entity where he/she works, or any one of the ancillary medical providers who also work at the practice such as Physician Assistants or Nurse Practitioners. Often times, when it comes to medical malpractice claims, lawsuits will name numerous parties who may have ever had been involved in the treatment or helped determine the outcome of the patient’s care.

Professional Liability (PL) can also be referred to as Errors & Omissions, and in the world of healthcare, its commonly known as Medical Professional Liability or simply Medical Malpractice Insurance. General Liability policies exclude “professional services”, so this is why you often see PL and GL coverages being paired together on a single policy.

Workers Compensation insurance pays for employees on the job injuries. This is a compulsory insurance coverage in just about all states and required for any employer with as little as one W2 employee. It provides coverage for lost wages, medical bills, and any legal fees.

Unlike some other insurance agencies, MPL Risk doesn’t work for insurance carriers— we work for you. 

As an independent insurance broker serving Pennsylvania healthcare professionals, we’re your advisor every step of the way. We’ll identify and compare all your options and walk you through the decision-making process so you can be fully confident in your coverage — no matter how your business and the healthcare industry evolve.

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Healthcare industry insurance is essential for medical practitioners across Philadelphia. MPL Risk provides trusted coverage for a range of healthcare businesses, from medical facilities to independent providers and more. We understand the risks associated with providing healthcare and the rules and regulations you and your teams have to follow. As healthcare industry insurance brokers in PA, we’ll help you navigate complex insurance policies and make sure you’re covered. 

Our healthcare industry insurance coverage can include:

  • Claims made or occurrence coverage
  • Discounts for no claims, new to practice, and part-time credits
  • Separate limits or shared group limits
  • Surplus lines (available for accounts with large volumes of claims)
  • Consent to settle provisions

We also offer worker’s compensation insurance in Virginia, PA,  and many other states. If you’re not sure what type of insurance you need, contact us and speak to a member of our team.

  • Home healthcare providers in PA
  • Medical facilities and operations
  • Nursing providers and facilities
  • Physician groups and medical providers
  • Care homes and facilities

The demand for medical treatment within non-hospital settings is on the rise. That’s why MPL Risk provides a range of insurance products to all types of PA healthcare facilities. If you run a medical or healthcare business in PA, our team of brokers can offer you the personalized attention you need and find you the coverage that makes sense for you. 

MPL Risk helps facilities get malpractice insurance in New Jersey and PA that covers not only a lead physician but also any ancillary medical providers connected to them. This may include nurses, other physicians, physical therapists, and others. We’ll help you ensure every aspect of your medical facility or entity is covered.

Choosing the right insurance for your healthcare business is vital. We can help you source the right type of insurance, from general coverage in PA to worker’s compensation insurance in North Carolina and everything in between. 

Talk to us about your healthcare business or facility and your needs. As professional healthcare industry brokers in PA, we’ll make sure you find the right insurance product for you.  Healthcare industry policies can help pay for indemnity costs and defense costs associated with any claim. With our help finding the best healthcare industry coverage, you’ll have the protection you need. Legal expenses can be costly, so having the right insurance in place can ensure your healthcare business continues despite claims. 

Patients may make claims for reasons ranging from perceived neglect to incorrect diagnoses. Having the right insurance product on hand helps remove the financial stress associated with these claims and suits. We can help you find premiums within your budget, no matter the size of your healthcare business.

Our PA-based team is ready to help you find the right insurance. As a company, we pride ourselves on a deep understanding of your industry and the ability to help you source simple solutions for your insurance needs.

If you’re also looking for healthcare industry brokers in Delaware or worker’s compensation insurance in Maryland, we can help. 

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