This segment spans a number of different residential living facilities.

From the outright “independent” like in the case of Independent Living Facilities with club houses situated alongside golf courses, to the Skilled Living Facilities where top healthcare staff is on site to help with individual’s personal care and medical care needs, our agency can design the proper insurance policies to have you fully protected. Often times, claims come from a variety of different angles, commercial liability claims, property losses, medical malpractice, employee injuries are all very commonplace in this sector. Patients with different levels of acuity represent the collective makeup of one of these facilities, and they may have intellectual disabilities, have late-stage Alzheimer’s, or require regular nursing care, and sometimes avoiding injuries may be near impossible. What our carriers can help with is devising loss control to help mitigate and lessen the extent of some claims that may be unavoidable altogether.

We’ve had years of experience working with a wide array of facilities and we have some of the best carrier programs to provide Package insurance products across multiple lines of coverage. Rates for this sector have been climbing, we still continue to work with strong, national carriers capable of insuring your operations at great rates!

We work with:

  • Senior Living Facilities
  • Assisted Living Facilities
  • Independent Living Facilities
  • Continuing Care Retirement Communities
  • Group Homes

Our carriers can provide:

  • Claims-Made or Occurrence coverage
  • 1st dollar coverage up to $1M+ retentions
  • Primary Limits of $1M/$3M and Excess Limits of $10M+
  • Defense costs outside the limits of liability
  • Evacuation Expense Reimbursement coverage
  • Medical Director Coverage
  • Coverage in all 50 states