As a Maryland business, you deserve the most extensive workers’ compensation insurance to protect your employees and limit your company’s risks, while also reducing your costs. As one of the more expensive insurances for businesses, workers’ compensation is mandated by law in 49 of 50 states. However, that doesn’t mean that all worker’s compensation insurance plans are the same. That’s why Maryland businesses trust MPL Risk to negotiate on their behalf and find them the most comprehensive workers’ compensation plan available.

As an insurance broker, we work with various industrial and commercial businesses across MD and surrounding states. We bring decades of experience in workers’ compensation insurance along with an in-depth understanding of how insurance providers operate. We leverage multiple solutions and plans along with our extensive knowledge of the insurance industry to get you and your employees the most cost-effective insurance policy on the market.

Our workers’ compensation insurance in Virginia and Maryland is affordable, has competitive rates and benefits, and protects your employees and business in the event of an employee injury.

We Offer Competitive Workers’ Compensation Insurance Rates

Getting workers’ compensation insurance in PA and MD starts with an initial free consultation. It gives our insurance brokerage a chance to understand your business, your employees, and any inherent risks your employees may be exposed to while performing that work. We gather information about any previous injuries your employees may have experienced, the inherent risks your employees face, your company’s yearly revenue, and your current policy coverage. The goal is to identify any potential gaps in your coverage that could pose risks to your company. We also check your premiums, review your benefits, and better understand any previous claims.

What Does Our Workers’ Compensation Insurance Cover?

Our MD workers’ compensation insurance protects both your company and your employees. Should an employee of your company encounter an injury, the policy will cover the employee’s medical bills, provide them with wages, and protect them against any third-party litigation by covering their legal bills. 

Our workers’ compensation insurance policy also protects your business and limits your exposure to litigation by covering any legal bills should an employee or third party try to hold your business responsible for the injuries they suffered. It can be as simple as a vendor visiting your facility that accidentally slips and falls while making a delivery. Even the smallest, most inconsequential accidents can increase your company’s risk.

Whether it’s our pay-as-you-go options, our credits for maintaining a drug-free workplace, our low deductible options, or even providing your company with credits for having an internal safety committee, our insurance policies will always put your company and employees first.

Ensure Peace of Mind With Us Today!

At MPL Risk, we’ve worked hard to develop a reputation for providing Maryland businesses with the most comprehensive workers’ compensation insurance coverage at a cost that improves their bottom line. If you need a strategic partner that can lower your workers’ compensation insurance coverage costs while also protecting your employees’ and company’s interests, contact us now.