This type of insurance is also know as General Liability (GL) and protects you and your business from third party claims stemming mainly from Property Damage or Bodily Injuries. The GL policy also provides protection for Products Liability claims and for Advertising Liability claims. Most of these policies have specific exclusions for employment related claims or for professional liability claims, as both of these areas are better covered under other types of insurance policies.

Claim Examples

A potential customer comes to your location for a meeting. While walking to your conference room, they trip over your worn-out carpet with loose threads, and in the process, fall hitting their head against a filing cabinet. A $5,000 Medical Expense limit is available for the person’s medical expenses, but, if necessary, the other parts of the General Liability policy could respond if the injuries become more severe.

Your marketing brochures are released disparaging or slandering another business in the area. The other company suffers reputation loss and consequently reduction in clients. They find out this was a direct result of your printed documents, and the company decides to file a suit against your business.

Coverage Features

  • Claims Made or Occurrence coverage available
  • Low Deductible or No Deductible options available
  • Additional Insured and Waiver of Subrogation language available
  • Flexible Policy Limits
  • And much more!

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