At MPL Risk, we ensure companies across North Carolina have the best possible workers’ comp plan available to them.

Having workers’ compensation insurance in Charlotte, NC is required by law, but that doesn’t mean all insurance policies offer the same cost, coverage, benefits, or premiums. At MPL Risk, we understand that our NC business customers often make this mistake. In other instances, NC companies sometimes overlook the importance of their workers’ comp plans. Regardless of why, we’re here to help.

At MPL Risk, we ensure our North Carolina customers get a workers’ compensation plan they can afford while providing them and their employees with the best protections. It’s about mitigating our customer’s risk, protecting their best interests, and ensuring their most valued employees are taken care of. So, what can your NC business expect after it decides to bring MPL Risk Insurance on board as its workers’ compensation insurance policy partner?

Ways To Prevent Workplace Injuries & Reduce Workers’ Compensation Claims?

There are several proactive measures your NC company can take to protect its employees while reducing injuries and compensation claims.

Ergonomic Flooring:

Some of the most common workplace injuries are nothing more than slips, stumbles, or falls. Focus on an ergonomic flooring solution that reduces the risk of these slips and falls. Today’s ergonomic flooring provides a protective barrier against spilled liquids, ensuring falls are less likely to happen.

Ergonomic Workspaces:

Simple solutions like making workspaces more open and accessible can dramatically reduce the number of workplace injuries. This means having placards on walls and other visual signs that warn employees of potential dangers and obstructions.

Safety Training:

Not only will having a safety committee give you important credits with your insurance policy, but that committee can enact training schedules for employees so they’re able to use equipment and machinery properly. Proper safety training is an essential part of keeping your employees safe while also reducing absenteeism.

We approach workers’ compensation insurance the same way we do when we provide healthcare companies with much-needed medical malpractice insurance in NC. It starts with an initial assessment of your company’s current insurance coverage. Leveraging a diverse team of insurance experts with decades of experience in numerous industries and first-hand knowledge about how insurance companies operate, the MPL Risk team creates a tailored workers’ compensation plan.

That workers’ comp plan provides critical protection for your employees should they experience a work-related accident. Our workers ‘ compensation policy covers the employee’s medical and legal bills entirely. 

These plans also protect your company from any employee who pursues legal claims against your business for wrongful injury. Accidents like minor trips and falls can quickly become serious legal trouble for your company if you don’t have the right workers comp insurance policy.

It’s ultimately about partnering with an insurance brokerage firm that has your company and your worker’s best interests in mind. MPL Risk works for our NC business customers – not the insurance companies. Our concern and focus rests with you and your employees.

There are several benefits for a North Carolina company that has the right workers’ compensation policy. First, it provides peace of mind for you and your employees. Knowing that compensation will occur for lost wages while not having to worry about the crippling debt of unpaid medical and legal bills are all obvious benefits.

Second, the right workers’ comp insurance coverage provides critical protection for your business. It ensures your company isn’t held responsible by an employee for an accident while guarding against the high costs that come from having large legal bills.

Third, it protects the people you trust most. Your employees work hard. They go the extra mile and ensuring they and their families are protected in the event of an unforeseen accident makes you a good employer.

This last benefit has more to do with the type of plans MPL Risk provides. Our plans offer unique features like pay-as-you-go. They include credits if your NC business has a safety committee that’s easily accessible for your employees. There are other credits for enforcing a drug-free work environment in addition to lower premiums and a simpler claims process.

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It’s our commitment to getting your NC business the best insurance policies that allow us to be such a valued partner. We take great pride in our ability to protect our customers’ interests and ensure they can operate for years to come.

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