As insurance brokers with decades of experience and an in-depth understanding of state laws and how workers’ compensation insurance plans are structured, MPL Risk is the go-to insurance broker in Charlotte, NC. 

We have decades of combined experience negotiating the best possible insurance plans. As insurance brokers, our focus is on you – our customers. We will work for you to negotiate the best coverage possible. So, what makes MPL Risk the preeminent partner for comprehensive workers’ compensation insurance in Charlotte, NC?

Leading Workers’ Compensation Company in Charlotte, NC

Unlike an insurance company that’s solely interested in getting you to sign as quickly as possible, MPL Risk compares numerous worker compensation coverage plans across an expansive network of insurance carriers. This allows us to piece together a customized plan that mitigates your Charlotte, NC company’s risks, ensures the proper amount of coverage, and protects your company’s liability in the event of worker injury.

Our workers’ compensation insurance in PA and NC is known for its flexibility, expansive policy coverage, fantastic benefits, and the ability to secure our clients the best protection possible. It starts with an initial assessment where our insurance experts gather an understanding of your company and its needs. All this information is then leveraged by our team of workers’ compensation insurance experts. We then use our expansive network of insurance providers to find the perfect insurance policy for your unique business.

Our Workers’ Comp Insurance Coverage Includes: 

The workers’ compensation insurance coverage offered by MPL Risk provides much-needed protection should one of your employees experience an injury on the job. The insurance coverage will cover the employee’s lost wages for the period they’re unable to work, all of their medical bills, and any legal fees that may come from a third-party litigator.

Our workers’ compensation plan also protects your company’s interests and mitigates your risks by covering any lawsuits that could potentially be levied against you by injured employees. With flexible pay-as-you-go options, low deductible options for credit, drug-free workplace and risk management credits (when available), and an expensive selection of regional and national insurance providers, we’re guaranteed to negotiate an insurance plan that will put your mind at ease.

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At MPL Risk, we pride ourselves on our ability to secure first-rate workers’ compensation insurance that protects your employees and your company’s best interests. It’s this commitment to ensuring your employees are covered and your business is protected that has allowed us to become the best provider of workers’ compensation insurance in Maryland and Charlotte, NC.

If your business needs a new, more affordable workers’ compensation plan with better coverage for you and your employees, contact us now.