As an insurance broker, MPL Risk understands how frustrating it can be to suddenly find your current workers’ compensation insurance policy ineffective. As a NJ insurance brokerage firm with experience negotiating first-rate worker compensation insurance plans across 10 states, we know how important it is to ensure both you and your caregivers have the proper coverage. With an established network of regional and national insurance providers, we help NJ businesses improve their injury coverage while also lowering premiums. We even go a step further by providing critical insight to help them reduce worker insurance claims.

We’re a valued partner who works, researches, and negotiates the best insurance policy with the most affordable rates and the ideal coverage your home healthcare business needs.

Offering Competitive Workers’ Compensation Insurance Rates

As healthcare industry insurance brokers in NJ, we have a deep understanding of what motivates insurance companies. We understand how they do business, what their sales tactics and approaches are, and how they focus on different strategies to maximize their returns. MPL Risk operates differently.

We are not tied to any one regional or national insurance provider. More importantly, we are not an insurance provider. Instead, we are insurance brokers, and it is our responsibility to negotiate the most favorable workers’ compensation plan on your company’s behalf. 

As insurance brokers, our solutions come from performing extensive analysis, reviews, and in-depth evaluations of countless workers’ compensation insurance rates, policies, coverage, benefits, and premiums. We understand how important it is for your NJ home healthcare business to reduce costs without sacrificing vital coverage and protection for you and your employees.

There are several important reasons MPL Risk is the perfect insurance partner for your NJ home healthcare company. First, as insurance brokers, we have years of relevant experience in the healthcare industry in NJ and surrounding states. We know the ins and outs of the healthcare industry, where the liabilities are for home healthcare businesses, and which areas of your business need the most protection.

Second, we are insurance negotiation experts and we use that expertise to get our NJ businesses the best rates on insurance. Third, it’s not just about having low insurance rates but also about ensuring the policy has low premiums, has an easy and non-cumbersome claims process, and provides multiple benefits.

Finally, we are the ideal partner for your business because we focus on mitigating your company’s risks while ensuring the safety of your company and employees’ futures. Whether it’s our pay-as-you-go plans that help you reduce your monthly expenses, our benefits, and credits for having a drug-free workforce and workplace, or our credits for having an internal safety committee that ensures your caregivers are properly safety trained, our focus is on helping your business grow by protecting the work you and your employees perform.

Benefits of Workers’ Compensation Insurance in NJ

As healthcare industry insurance brokers in NJ, we have a deep understanding of the many challenges that your home healthcare business faces. There are several important benefits of having the proper insurance for NJ healthcare businesses. Workers’ compensation insurance provides critical protection for your business and your employees against accidents or injuries.

Professional liability insurance in PA and NJ isn’t enough to protect your business from potential litigation. That’s why our insurance plans compensate any caregiver you employ for any lost wages or medical expenses that result from a work-related accident or injury. Our NJ workers’ compensation plans also ensure that employee’s wages are taken care of. We also protect your company from any employee who tries to hold your business responsible for their work-related injury. This ensures your company is protected in the event of possible litigation from a caregiver you employ.

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If you have concerns about your current NJ workers’ comp insurance plan, don’t despair. Our solutions can help you save money while ensuring you have the peace of mind of knowing you’re protected. If you need a new NJ workers’ compensation insurance policy with great rates and excellent coverage, contact us now.