Every time you interact with a patient or make a decision that impacts their care, you’re at risk of a malpractice or liability claim. And if one of the providers did not adhere to proper standards or follow protocol, you may be facing a devastating settlement payment if you’re not properly insured.

At MPL Risk, we understand the ever-changing nature of medical malpractice insurance. That’s why we’ve developed a national network of top carriers over years of working which feature some of the most extensive medical malpractice insurance coverages in PA, NJ, and beyond. We provide excellent tools and the best services to assist with risk management and provide key details about policies and procedures, staying on top of the constant changes in healthcare technology.

Our Brokers Can Help You Get Medical Malpractice Insurance In New Jersey

We’re dedicated to staying at the forefront of this fast-paced and complex industry to better understand your needs — now and in the years to come.  We’ll work with you to provide the most affordable coverage and best rates for medical malpractice insurance, general liability insurance for home health agencies, workers compensation insurance, and more in New Jersey.

Our team of specialists in NJ has worked with a range of physician practices, hospitals, nursing facilities, and more, and we know not all segments are the same. This expertise allows us to provide unmatched advisory services and personalized medical malpractice insurance that protects your medical practice appropriately at all times. We work closely with you and for you with a goal of simplifying and streamlining the process so that you can get back to providing the highest quality care for your patients.

 Home Healthcare Insurance Brokers You Can Count On

We take a different approach to healthcare insurance. As an independent broker in NJ, we don’t work for insurance carriers; we work for you. But our network of quality providers across the US allows us to ensure you’ll receive the coverage you need, including malpractice insurance, home health workers compensation insurance, professional liability insurance for home health care agencies, and more. We become a trusted advisor throughout the process, getting to know your business and operations on a deeper level to better understand your needs. Along with our unparalleled network of providers, we’re able to offer the best home care liability, malpractice insurance, and more for your New Jersey business.[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]

Your NJ Insurance Specialists For Medical Malpractice, Home Care Liability, And More

Physicians & Medical Providers

We understand that physicians and practice groups operate with reduced reimbursements and increased expenses, and so we know how critical it is to perform a thorough review of your coverage — especially your medical malpractice insurance. We can work with OBGYNs, ENTs, Cardiologists, Family Practitioners, Psychiatrists, Radiologists, Anesthesiologists, and various Surgical Specialties, Staffing Agencies, Large Physician Groups of 20 or more physicians, and solo practitioners to provide the broadest possible coverage.

Nursing Facilities

Nursing Facilities are one of the fastest-growing segments in healthcare, and we know your options are endless. But you need coverage that puts your interests first. We provide simple, affordable coverage for Skilled Living Facilities (SLFs), Assisted Living Facilities (ALFs), Independent Living Facilities (ILFs), and CCRCs— all right here.


As hospital technology advances, new risks of billing E&O, cybersecurity, ACOs, wearable devices, and more only increase the importance of the proper coverage. We work with community and specialty hospitals, health systems, and long-term acute care hospitals and can help you create a customized and comprehensive malpractice insurance package based on your specific needs.

Home Healthcare

The global home healthcare market has a projected growth rate of 8% every year. In-home nursing programs have doubled, and this increase in need for senior care will only increase the importance of quality and affordable home health care liability insurance, home healthcare workers compensation insurance, and more. MPL Risk specializes in ensuring the senior care industry, providing comprehensive professional liability insurance for home health care agencies to get you the best coverage possible.

Home Healthcare Medical Facilities

As the need for services in a non-hospital setting continues to grow, the demand is driving new procedures and ways of rendering care. Emerging medical facilities are faced with countless regulatory, contractual, and operational risks, which require comprehensive insurance coverage. We’ll work with you to find the best solutions in workers compensation, professional liability insurance, malpractice insurance, and more to protect your business.

Benefits of Having Liability Insurance with MPL Risk

At MPL Risk in NJ, our team of experienced brokers is proud to provide professional liability insurance to private practices, hospitals, and home healthcare providers. In order to provide you with effective service, it’s key that we understand your needs. Our brokers are constantly working to stay on top of the latest changes in the healthcare industry, allowing us to develop customized insurance programs that meet the needs of your practice.

Malpractice insurance and other types of liability insurance don’t just protect you—these policies also protect the rest of your office and care providers (like physician assistants and nurse practitioners) who work to support your patients in NJ. We believe in providing you with coverage that gives you peace of mind at a price that makes sense for your needs. 

General liability insurance in PA and NJ can help cover costly legal expenses, especially in complex medical cases. With proper coverage, you can afford competent representation without the burden of out-of-pocket costs. Being properly insured also helps to attract more patients and preserve your reputation as a trustworthy professional provider. 

What Can I Expect From Working With MPL Risk?

At MPL Risk, we’re independent brokers, meaning we don’t work for an insurance carrier. Instead, we utilize a wide network of providers across the United States, ensuring that you get the coverage you need at a price that makes sense for you. Our insurance team understands the challenges of in-facility and home healthcare, and we’ll work with you to ensure that you’re protected.

When you work with MPL Risk, you’ll get a team of dedicated industry professionals—brokers who understand the importance of general liability and medical malpractice insurance in the healthcare industry. As medicine continues to advance, so do the opportunities for litigation. When you work with MPL Risk, you’ll be able to rest assured that your practice in NJ is covered if confronted with a liability claim.

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At MPL Risk, we understand the unique challenges you face in the healthcare industry, and we’re here to help you rest assured by providing you with the malpractice professional liability insurance policies that you need to focus on what matters most: serving your patients.

We’re proud to partner with home healthcare agencies, hospice care providers, home infusion providers, and more across NJ. We understand the unique challenges that come with coverage when providing care in a patient’s home, and we’ll work with you to create a customized policy that makes sense for the needs of your business.

We offer a range of insurance products for healthcare agencies, including general liability insurance, medical malpractice insurance, and workers’ compensation insurance in NJ. Reach out to us at 267-888-4790 to connect with one of our brokers and learn more about our insurance products covering general liability insurance in PA and NJ.

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MPL Risk is New Jersey’s most trusted medical malpractice and home healthcare insurance broker, representing several admitted malpractice carriers, surplus lines medical malpractice carriers, and Risk Retention Groups across the country. Whether you are a home healthcare worker in need of workers compensation insurance, an individual provider with small office staff in New Jersey, or a large practice with multiple locations, we can help you get the proper insurance to fit your needs. Get a quote today, or call us at (267) 888-4790.