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Staying Safe While On The Go: What You Need to Know About Transporting Clients Safely

Your home health clients deserve the safest conditions whether at home or on the go. Transporting your clients will bring with it a special set of challenges. When these challenges are met with wisdom and the right safety measures, being out with your clients can be a safe and enjoyable event. Here are several tips to help you ensure the best safety practices while you are on the go at work.

Insurance Coverage

If you will be transporting clients, it is of utmost importance that home health care professionals obtain and maintain appropriate vehicle insurance. This is both for the safety of the client, your own protection as well as the protection of the agency you work for.

Personal Vehicle Safety

Regardless of whether you will be using your own vehicle or the client’s vehicle, you must remember that the safety of the vehicle will ensure the safety of your client. Make sure the vehicle is clean and in proper working order. An unreliable vehicle should not be used to transport clients.

Make sure your client is always seated properly and buckled safely. If you have never driven the client before, start with very small trips close to home to get a feel for how the client reacts to being in the vehicle. This will help you plan for future trips out.


Leaving the house is often challenging physically and emotionally for home bound patients. For this reason it is a good idea to make sure your clients know when they will be leaving the house ahead of time. This gives you and the client plenty of time to prepare for departure.

Weather Considerations

When transporting your clients you should also be aware of weather conditions for the day. This will give you the chance to make proper preparations on how to schedule the outing and clothing options. When possible, avoid transporting clients in poor weather. Poor weather conditions will increase the chances of injuries and accidents.

Personal Safety

Each client will have their own challenges when it comes to personal safety. These considerations will need to be addressed each time you leave the house. Consider each challenge carefully and have an action plan ready for incidents which could endanger the safety of your client. If you have not interacted with your client much out in public, it is a good idea to speak with other care givers to get information on these challenges. If you do not have such information, be sure on the first few outings with your new client, to pay close attention to any personal safety risks that could be a problem.

These might include interacting unsafely with strangers, wandering, fatigue or dizziness upon walking too much or confusion in new places just to name a few.

Transporting your clients will no doubt be part of their care from time to time. Use these tips to ensure enjoyable and safe outings.

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