Workers’ Compensation Insurance in Delaware

At MPL Risk, our team of workers’ compensation insurance experts will find the best policies to protect the interest of your business and hard-working employees. Our success comes from decades of combined insurance experience. We work on behalf of Delaware businesses across 10 states to get them the much-needed coverage protection they deserve – and we can do the same for your Delaware business.

Whether it’s our medical malpractice insurance in Delaware or the extensive protections provided by our worker’s compensation policies, we always have your best interests in mind. As an experienced insurance brokerage firm with countless Delaware businesses as customers – and with expertise in multiple types of business insurance coverage – we focus on mitigating our customer’s risk, improving their insurance coverage, and limiting their liabilities.

As a business in Delaware, MPL Risk will help your company get affordable workers’ comp protection that covers accidents and employee injuries.

The insurance policies we provide our Delaware customers provide wage compensation to employees who miss work due to a work-related injury. These policies also cover the employee’s medical bills and any legal bills the employee could face if they were held liable for any accident.

The protection our workers’ compensation insurance provides your company includes covering any legal fees should your company be pursued by your employee for wrongful injury claims. Aside from protecting your company from litigation, our insurance policies also include pay-as-you-go options that help you better manage your cash flow, credits for having an in-house safety committee for employees, and options for low deductibles. There are also credits for having a drug-free work environment and so much more.

There are several important reasons you should choose MPL Risk. First, we are an insurance broker and not an insurance company. We work for you and your employees and focus on negotiating your company’s best possible workers’ comp policy. We are not beholden to any insurance provider or policy.

Second, we have extensive experience across multiple industries throughout 10 states. Understanding the inherent risks involved in these industries as well as knowing what type of insurance coverage and policy works best, affords us a position that no other insurance provider has.

Third, we have an established network of regional and national insurance providers which allows us to customize a solution best suited to your company, its market, and your employees. Our only interest lies with negotiating on your behalf and ensuring we reduce your company’s risk while protecting the employees you value and rely on.

  • We are not an insurance company.
  • We negotiate on your company’s behalf.
  • We have an established network with numerous regional and national insurance companies.
  • We have decades of experience in insurance across numerous industries.
  • We have an expansive footprint covering 10 states.

Protect Your Employees From Unforeseen Accidents & Injuries 

As workers comp and healthcare industry insurance brokers in Delaware, we’ve cultivated strong relationships with regional insurance providers. These relationships combined with our extensive experience in workers’ compensation insurance, allow us to negotiate favorable insurance policies for businesses across the state. 

Unlike an insurance company that limits your workers’ comp plan to just one solution, our insurance brokerage canvases regional and national policies. We use our vast understanding of the insurance industry, our decades of experience, and our extensive network to find the best insurance policy with the best coverage and protection.

Simple accidents can quickly become serious issues without the right workers’ compensation coverage. That coverage protects your employees from everyday accidents, trips, falls, and other work-related injuries while indemnifying your business and employees from litigious third parties. After all, it doesn’t take much for work-related injuries to occur.

Our Coverage Features

The insurance policies we provide our Delaware customers provide wage cCall Us Today To Get Started! 

Don’t limit your Delaware company’s options to just one insurance company. By ensuring there are no gaps in your insurance coverage and by negotiating on your behalf, we’re guaranteed to find a policy perfectly made for your company.

If you’ve been thinking about changing your workers’ comp policy or need the insight that only we can provide, contact us now.